Hsin Tao

Movement and breathing in a meditative state ; Hsin Tao is a powerful technic of regeneration and self-healing. This technic was practiced in the Shaolin temple in China until the cultural revolution. The exercises were developed for the grown-up body.  Despite their simplicity and softness, these exercises are extraordinary efficient in rejuvenating body, mind and soul. Also this method is easier to learn and practice than various sorts of traditional Yoga. It calms down and revives the person that practices from a deep internal level.

Hsin Tao does not require perseverance nor strength. The immediate effect is often a profound quietness and a sensation of internal peace. People that were never capable  to meditate, often find themselves spontaneously in a profound meditation during their practice.

Even though Hsin Tao « The art of the illuminated » is a kind of Tantra-Yoga, it resembles rather the martial arts. It’s possible applications and cumulative effects cannot be compared to traditional body work or meditation. Hsin Tao is much more than a simple program of fitness. This is why a regular practice often gives profound results.

These results include :

  • Tonification and reinforcement of the whole body
  • Emotional balance
  • Reorientation of the spine and the position
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved balance of the organism
  • Improved positive attitude towards life
  • Increase of the intellectual functions
  • Decrease of fears
  • Increase of the sexual function

Hsin Tao can easily be practiced at home, in the office or in any other quiet place – without special tools or clothes, without fitness room or guide.